Buy Tickets

There are many easy ways to buy tickets for our concerts…

Buying Tickets in Advance

1/ You can Click Here to buy using our Ticket Tailor page. This allows you to buy tickets using most forms of online payment including credit/debit cards and mobile payments such as Apple Pay. This option provides a lot of additional information about concerts, locations and parking which is useful if this is your first concert or you are not familiar with our venues. You get a clear idea of exactly what you are booking.

2/ You can use the buttons to the right of this page. This also uses Ticket Tailor but is a quicker and more direct option for people familiar with our concerts.

Your ‘ticket’ is actually a scannable QR code which you will be sent by email to the purchaser. Bring this emailed code (a printout or on your mobile) so we can scan it at the door. Don’t panic if you forget to bring it, we have a backup way to identify ticket holders which just takes a little longer than zapping your code.

Paying on the Day

IF we have seats available, we accept payments on the door. It’s quite useful to book, as then we don’t panic about being able to pay the musicians! However,

We accept:

1/ Cash.

2/ Contactless, credit/debit cards

3/ Mobile, Apply Pay, Google Pay, etc

We recommend purchasing your tickets online and in advance to ensure your place as all concerts have limited capacity.

When purchasing either advanced tickets or on the door we can accept most common payment methods including credit/debit cards and mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Google Pay. Please arrive in plenty of time so we can process your payment.

All payments are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. Tickets are transferrable so if you can’t attend feel free to pass on your ticket/s to someone who can. Help us to bring great concerts to the area by spreading the word about Worlds End Music.